Dancing Crow Farm

A dance not a trudge...

Located in Snoqualmie Valley, Washington, Dancing Crow Farm is born from a passion to grow food using practices that honor and nourish both land and body. The food we eat is pivotal to our health and also vital to the ecosystem that sustains us. It is our sincerest hope to educate, feed and support others. Reconnecting people with the beauty of the earth cycles that bring forth nourishing and vibrant food. We welcome you to join us in this journey as we continue to learn, teach and grow for ourselves, for you and for the world.

© audra mulkern

© audra mulkern


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."   ...Albert Einstein

By collaborating with people throughout our local and global community one of our goals is to help create and rediscover innovations to produce food with energy efficient methods.  There are a myriad of techniques and skills that have been lost to modern day society.  In addition, there are amazing new innovations coming to light daily.  By sharing ideas, passion and insights we hope to create long term partnerships to re-nourish the soil and our knowledge around growing amazing and wholesome food. 

© audra mulkern 

© audra mulkern 

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Reuse & Recycle

The majority of "equipment" used at Dancing Crow originates from previous lives as box springs, water capture barrels, child bike carriers and so much more.  By recycling materials we prevent many items from going into landfills along with finding new and useful purposes such as drying racks for seed saving, harvest containers and utilitarian farm cart.  


Sno-Valley Tilth

Dancing Crow Farm is a proud member of the Sno-Valley Tilth which actively supports organic and sustainable food production practices throughout the Snoqualmie and Snohomish watersheds.

Interested in farming?  Learn more about the Experience Farming Project, the newest program kicked off by the Tilth this year.

Farms for Life

Farms for Life acts as a bridge for local farmers to distribute fresh produce to people who don't have access to healthy food.   Dancing Crow Farm is proud to participate in this extraordinary program.  Donations to the Farms for Life program helps to support local farmers.